Framed my masterpiece fresco painting! Finally some use for my beerbottle cap collection…

This one will be at Kaapelitehdas (Cable Factory) The Sales event of The Finnish Painters’ Union / 7.–15.3.2020

Three Apostoles of Piritori (Drug abuser merchants deceit)
fresco painting
38 x 38 cm (with frame)

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At the moment I have a luxury of having two studios!
one is at the Academy of Fine Arts and it has plenty of light and less
stuff in it. It’s dedicated to painting only and I love it!!!

In the picture some painting in progress… summer is here

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my previous post was three years ago – since then I started my masters studies – this is a resurrection of the blog

my studio is a mess – about to clean it – maybe next post will be of the organized space – or not

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